XYIENCE Xenergy Drink Review


The folks at XYIENCE were kind enough to send me some samples of their new energy drinks in the forms of canned beverages and pre-workout powder.  I must admit I was a little weary. I was kind of expecting to receive mass marketed carbonated and super stimulated products. Instead I got great tasting drinks that weren’t carbonated or overly stimulated (the Pre-Workout Booster only has 60 mg of caffeine).


The XYIENCE Xenergy drink line does have some flavors that are carbonated (actually most are). Since I mentioned that I don’t do carbonated anything, I think I was kindly sent a case of the six non carbonated flavors – Xenergy + Lemonade, Xenergy + Hydration (which is also caffeine free), and  Xenergy + Tea (my favorite). Each of these flavors comes in two sub varieties.  All the drinks I tried tasted good and were sugar free.  The Xenergy + Tea flavor was my favorite.

XYIENCE Pre-Workout booster

Two things struck out about the products I tried – they tasted good and the energy component of both the cans and the pre-workout was really smooth.  I did not experience the jitters or the high irritability after consumption that I have associated with other energy drinks (especially those marketed in small bottles).  I can’t speak for the carbonated flavors as I did not try them and am not the right person to review them as I stated, I don’t like carbonated products.

I would take either of the products I received as a mid afternoon pick me up or for a tasty hydration choice to water during a workout.  I would be happy to see a cold can of Xenergy + Tea waiting for me in the festival area after a race.

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Power to Win team applicants must lead a lifestyle that is centered on health and fitness.

XYIENCE is looking for fitness-minded individuals, athletes and influencers who participate in individual lifestyle sports like crossfit, cycling (road and mountain biking), mixed martial arts (MMA), parkour, rock climbing, running (road and trail), skiing and snowboarding, swimming, triathlon, yoga and more. Applicants can be amateur competitors, event organizers, and/or instructors in their sport.

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