World’s Largest Urban Zip-line – Drop off at will


For Speed Stick’s #GearChallenge campaign, extreme filmmaker and YouTube sensation Devin Graham, aka Devin Supertramp, took to Panama City to test the world’s largest urban zip-line. Starting atop a 700-foot-tall building, a group of fearless aerialists began their descent attached to a 10,000-foot-long zip-line, but the shock comes when the first lets go of his safety clip to freefall to the ground. This was all a part of the plan however, as each of them promptly opened a parachute to land safely on a Speed Stick banner below. Scored to “The Chosen” by Scott & Brendo, Graham filmed this stunt with a RED Dragon, Phantom Miro and GoPro Hero 3+ for an array of stunning visuals. Check out Graham’s YouTube page for more jaw-dropping video

Sadly I don’t think the insurance companies would allow for this obstacle at an event any time soon.


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