Warrior Dash -Barrie, ON, Canada


warrior dash logo 2My first obstacle race ever and I raced alone.  I picked up my race kit the day before the race to avoid the rush -it was being held on both the Saturday and the Sunday.  I stayed overnight nearby and arrived early for the first heat to avoid the mid-day sun. This was a huge event. Well organized. Great swag bag including a shirt, horns and the fabulous medal.  They sold their Warrior Dash products on site and had a bus transport people from various parking locations back to the main start area. All areas were clearly marked and there was a food and water area with live music adjacent to the start line.  The corral was huge but in the blazing sun.  Heats departed every 30 minutes.  We had to do 3 times the hill with many well made obstacles along the way.  Water stations, again, were too far between and I had to ask people along the course for a sip of theirs (ugh, not very hygenic!) and it kept me going until the first water/cooling station.  I soaked my head and body twice just to be able to continue on.  I had only been training at this point for a month or two and hill training was not my forte.  I found the hills brutally tough and took many rests along the way.  The cargo nets and walls were great and the mud crawls were even better, I loved the final fire jump (a standard finale for most runs it seems) and the finish line offered bananas, gatorade, and water.  The wash off station was a fire truck with hose however the area was quite congested at times, and this location offers great change rooms and indoor bathrooms near the hotel.  The food was chicken and beer and you could swap your beer token for water.  Music was live entertainment and there was plenty of seating nearby but in full sun so bring a hat and sunscreen.  One of the more challenging events on par with Spartan Sprint but more mud!  Better done with a partner or team mate for support.  You can leave your shoes behind as a donation so wear an old pair.

Recommendations for this race: carry extra water, wear sunscreen, tape your shoe laces and do hill training and cardio prior to.  Knee pads and gloves not necessary but 3/4 pants would be ideal if you don’t want scraped up knees from some of the tunnel crawls.

Overall: 4/5

Find your inner warrior!
Find your inner warrior!
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Kelli McRobert
OCR obsessed from Kingston, Ontario, Canada! The muddier, the better! What started out as 50 races by the time I was 50 has grown into a passion that will continue after 50!


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