Ultra-Beast – Should you take it on?


  rwwurwus If you are like me, you are always wanting to be challenged when it comes to your next obstacle race. But for those who have applied for or are considering applying for the ultimate obstacle race, is there something about the unknown of the Spartan Ultra Beast that you want to know about? Well, I have some insight on the race since I was lucky enough to take on the course in 2012.

There are quite a few things you want to consider before you commit to the race, and I just wanted to cover a few of the items from what racers experienced last year.

1. Train for time, not necessarily distance – Taking on the Ultra Beast means not only covering around 26.2 miles, but you are going to be on the course for a long portion of the day (at least 10 hours). So if you want to take on this race, you need to get yourself prepared for that long time on the mountain. You should work in training sessions of 1 hour, 2 hour or even 3 hour sessions to simulate what you will be facing in this race. This will not only physically prepare you, you will need to have that mental preparation as well to handle that long of a period of time racing.

2. Hydration is essential – On this course, you will be going from comfortable to hot temperatures as you go up and down the mountain. So it is vital to keep your fluid intake regular throughout the course. You are required to have a hydration system on you to participate in the race, so use it to your fullest advantage.

3. Be prepared for bruises – The one thing that affected me more than anything from this course was the amount of blows I somehow took from slipping on stumps, trees and roots in this race. If I slipped there always seemed to be something that would catch me in the ribs, bump my hips or thighs, or catch me in the back or shoulders. This race is not only about keeping your legs and arms fresh, it is being able to withstand the unexpected hits and blows that may come about due to the terrain. This was the main culprits of my soreness and tightening up during the race, especially at the mid-point of the race.

4. Help each other – You are going to be in a situation at some point during the race that you will need some type of assistance (8 foot wall). Do not be hesitant to ask for or offer assistance to other racers. This will be vital not only to complete the obstacle but to save any wasted energy trying to do the obstacle that you know you will need help with.

These are just a few items I will cover today. I will give you a few more tips in the next few weeks for the folks who have already signed up to take on the challenge or anyone else who might be on the fence about taking the race head on!!

Until next time
Race safe and smart!!

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Michael Matter
46 year old OCR racer from Carlisle, PA. A runner for 30 years but totally committed to Obstacle course racing as my passion and commitment to my fitness regimen. Currently a 2013 Trifecta Holder for Spartan Race and working towards my 2014 Trifecta as well.


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