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523092_4049716095477_400748005_nAre any of you like me that just have a hard time paying full price for just about anything? Does that include your running shoes that you beat up viciously in your mud racing? If you are just like me there are many ways to save money on your running shoes, and also some other items you may not even think about for your next racing adventure.

Did you know that many shoe companies have their own wear testing programs that you can sign up for and test their shoes for free? It is true. There are many of the name brand shoe companies that do this and if you qualify you could be not only wear test their shoes but some even let you keep the shoes you test or receive shoes or clothing as compensation!! All that is usually required is keeping track of your mileage/time using the shoes and completing the required surveys the company provides to you to complete. It does not take much time at all and is really fun to do since you are helping make the shoes better.

If you want to see if you might be able to participate, just follow these steps to get moving!!

1. If you have a particular shoe brand your prefer, just do a Google search with their name and the extension ‘wear test program’ (example ‘Nike wear test program’). This will give you links and/or emails to any possible contacts at those companies.

2. Shoe size – each company is different as to what their requirements are for testing, but the most common I have found in sizing is:
a. Men’s – Size 9 or 10
b. Women’s – Size 7.5 to 9

But regardless of what your shoe size is, at least attempt to apply so you are considered. It is better to know that you tried that to not know at all.

I have been lucky enough to participate and it is a really great time, not only that you get a new pair of shoes to use and abuse but you also affect how the shoes are developed and made by your feedback.
If you have any questions on getting started just give me a yell and I would be glad to help you.

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Michael Matter
46 year old OCR racer from Carlisle, PA. A runner for 30 years but totally committed to Obstacle course racing as my passion and commitment to my fitness regimen. Currently a 2013 Trifecta Holder for Spartan Race and working towards my 2014 Trifecta as well.


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