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BattleFrog Gives Athletes a Million Reason$ To Compete in 2015

BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series announces an obstacle race industry leading million dollars in cash and prizes in 2015.

BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series’ Navy Seals Rescue Family After Boat Capsizes...

BattleFrog's Obstacle Race Series' Navy Seals Rescue Family After Boat Capsizes by Venue

BattleFrog: The Next Big Frog in OCR – Event Review: 15K...

There is a new guy in town and if you have not heard the buzz already then it’s time you listen and feed your craving. Give BattleFrog a chance, for, in my professional OCR opinion, there is absolutely no risk involved because this race is Grade A. Inspired by Navy Seal training, designed by Seals and run by Seals, BattleFrog will provide just the bang you need and for less cost than most other races, often finding registration costs for 50% off, scoring an elite entry for as low as $50 or even a Bullfrog entry for $30. It’s also chock filled with legit obstacles that will test how much true grit you have.

Hobie Call: I’m Teaming Up With BattleFrog

After experiencing BattleFrog's inaugural event in Georgia a couple of weeks ago, I knew right away, that this group of SEALs were not jumping into the industry with the mindset of settling for second best, and I just hope that I may have something of value to help them on their mission.

The First Ever BattleFrog Series Event – Reviewed

This may be BattleFrogs first event, but don't kid yourself, they have big plans, and the only place I see them going in the future is UP!

Top OCR Athlete Hobie Call to Race at BattleFrog Event in...

CONFIRMED! Elite obstacle racer, Hobie Call, will be in attendance at BattleFrog's inaugural Atlanta race, May 31st. Many of you know Hobie, but for those who do not, here are some Hobie fun facts: • Fastest known time for lunging a mile • 2:16 marathon runner • Multiple-time OCR winner (41 first place finishes)

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