Reebok Spartan Race Tackles the Big Apple in an Epic Way!


Spartan Race finally hits the Big Apple!

Spartan Race Fittest Gym
Spartan Race @ Citi Field Fittest Gym – EPIC Hybrid Training Center, NYC

Out of the numerous Spartan Races I’m participating in this year, this was the big one.  I’m not sure if I showed it or not, but leading up to this race I put tremendous pressure on myself to do well.

Most of EPIC Hybrid Training was participating in this Spartan Race.  I had friends and family traveling to watch, I was the defending champ from the last stadium race in Fenway…it was all building up and I was determined to have this pressure fuel my training.  I did burpees for breakfast, lunch and dinner to prepare for an EPIC battle with some of the best obstacle racers in the world.

Hunter McIntyre, Dave Magida, Miguel Medina and Alexander Nicholas battle it out.

The elite wave was broken into heats of 15…I was up against Hunter McEntyre, Dave Magaida, and Miguel Medina and many other studs from across the country.  I wasn’t so concerned with winning as I was with navigating an effienient race and avoiding the burpees.  If I could manage that, the rest would take care of itself.  The race started at a furios pace.  I knew I had to get out early and try my best to stay in Hunters back pocket.   He rarely screws up obstacles, but I knew if I could keep him in my sight, I would have a chance.  Well, my plan was great in theory, but it didn’t work out exactly to plan.  Problem being that Hunter runs 4 minute miles and I

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Team EPIC- From a racer’s point of view!

This is an excellent montage produced by Veego Films ( Special thanks to Chris! Awesome work!!!

Veego creates immersive videos of life’s coolest adventures with professional editing and GoPro camera equipment. You work hard day after day so that a couple times a year you can cut loose. You conquer that mud run. You shred the slopes. You check one more item off the bucket list. On these days a photograph or a story just isn’t going to do it justice. You’ve earned those moments. And Veego helps you capture them in dramatic fashion like never before. You do cool stuff too. Show it off. Relive it. Own it forever!

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