So What is SGX?


One of the hottest growing sports nationwide is Obstacle Course Racing. You already know this because you are living it! According to Running USA, non-traditional running events have increased 40 fold from 2009-2013. There are truly challenges for every racer with every interest. Mud Runs, Color Runs, and Foam Runs…just to name a few… are popping up all over the country and the world. Gone are the days of straight-up running on paved roads with minimal hoopla involved.
This is the story I still tell today when I am preparing new Spartans for their first race. MY inaugural Spartan Race back in 2012 was the hardest race I have ever done. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. The venue was Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania, nicknamed the Mini-beast at the time. And as the current MC says, “This may be your first, but it will not be your last!” I was hooked from start to finish. My first words upon catching my first breath after finishing…,”I am ready to do another one……..TODAY!!!” I didn’t but I certainly had the rush of accomplishment and confidence running through my veins.

This rush has lead me to accept new challenges in my life and to step out of my comfort zone, try new things and most importantly share the “CAN DO” attitude that each and every Spartan and OC racer has at the end of a race.

sgx-logoThis eventually led to me pursuing my Personal Training License and a Spartan Group X Coaching Certification. This certification helps to meld the physical, mental and nutritional sides of training. SGX helps to develop great group dynamics, camaraderie, sound nutritional challenges to help individuals and groups grow and develop into not only successful athletes but to be more successful in their everyday lives. The certification can stand alone, but is designed to compliment what many personal trainers and gym owners are already doing in their facilities and practice.


Spartan Race is unique in the approach it takes towards training. As they see it, the actual race is a metaphor for life…with all of its challenges and uncertain     ties. SGX Coaches incorporate that outlook into their training plans by integrating these seven standard pillars: Strength, Power, Attitude, Readiness, Tenacity, Athleticism, and Nutrition. By using these as guideposts for workouts and changes in lifestyle, the program has a thematic consistency of attitude towards all of life that can transfer from coach to client easily. As athletes we are well aware how this transformational work of the body can have a trickle down effect into other areas of life….work, home, family and friends. SGX addresses all these issues in order to “build better humans” who have the coping skills to manage, control and master even the most daunting of personal challenges. It is a very rewarding, uplifting and positive program focused on meeting the client where he or she is at…and working from there.

Are you thirsty to amp up your own personal training career, facility programming, even yourself? Go to Spartan Coaches or email me @ [email protected] to find out more or use promo code SGX15SM during the registration process.


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