SIX NUTRITION Vitamins for Men – Product Review



Six Nutrition Product Review

I had the chance to do some nutritional supplement testing for the past few weeks for a company called Six Nutrition, who have begun a product line to assist in the nutrition supplements of every active guy ages 25-55 needs.   This was a unique opportunity since I have not used any supplements in my racing career and found this to be a great chance to start gearing my body to a higher level of performance.

According to the information provided by Six Nutrition, these supplements were made specifically for the active man, so I decided to give them a full test as part of my training to prep for the South Carolina Beast.  Here are some of the items I noticed as part of the test period:

1.       Easy dosage – Each daily supplement was grouped in an easy to dispense packet so it was very easy to just take the supplements and go.  No separating or having to worry about keeping track of your dosage.

2.       Tough at times to swallow – There were a couple of the capsules in the daily dosage that were tough at times to swallow due to the capsule material tending to stick to your tongue or roof of the mouth.  I notice this especially if I was even a bit low on fluid intake at the time.

3.       Recommend for way before or after workout – As directed by the package it stated to take every morning, or take 30 minutes before exercise.  I attempted to take the supplements before my workouts, but I had too much of a tendency to ‘burp’ back some of the supplement taste and powder during my workout.  I would recommend giving your digestive system more time to process the supplements before working out, or waiting until you are finished with your workout to take the supplements.  I ended up taking the supplements at least 1-1 ½ hours before working out.

4.       Definite energy level change – Just a few days into the test period I definitely felt an energy and overall alertness improvement.  The supplements definitely helped me become more focused and have more hop to my step after each dose. I believe the supplements can improve many athletes training and overall health by using these supplements as directed.

5.       No fatigue – Supplements definitely assisted in keep me alert and clear headed all day.  I tend to have an energy let down at some point during the day after a heavy workout, but there were no instances of this happening while taking these supplements.

6.       Performance – I did not notice a huge difference in my workout performance or training, but I did not have any issues from the supplements either.  If there were any training benefits I would have had to take them longer than the testing period to see if there were any definitive improvements.  However, I did not have joint or muscle issues during the testing period.  So any benefit I would have to take much more specific measurements to provide areas that were affected by taking these supplements.

So in a nutshell, I would definitely recommend these supplements to help in many areas for the active male.  Every athlete needs to use any product that can help them with getting through their training and keeping their energy level high to make it through the very active day.   I do believe that this supplement combination could be a very welcome addition to your training and dietary regimen to every male athlete out there.  


And always remember race safe and smart

Mike Matter

OCR Freak

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received SIX NUTRITION Vitamins for Men for free from Six Nutrition as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.


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