Hero Rush, Ballston Spa, NY, USA


Hero-Rush-featured1I am sad to see that they have closed up shop!  We had the opportunity to race this event this past May and had a group of 8 women head down to Ballston Spa, New York, USA to participate in the Hero Rush.  The location was excellent with ample parking and the option to have VIP parking and check-in to avoid the lengthy line-ups for race kit pick up.  The race was well-organized, tons of volunteers and they had lots of music and activities throughout the day to keep kids entertained.  The merchandise was reasonably priced and their grey hoodie is one of my favourites to date.  The food was average for a BBQ (but the fresh lemonades were FAB!) and you used Hero Dineroos as money that was included in your fees, you could also purchase extra on site.  Fire trucks added the WOW factor for photos afterwards.  The race itself was’ funtastic’ with tons of muddy sections through beautiful wooded areas, and rolling hills to add some elevation and challenge.  The obstacles were well spaced out and were very creative. Some of them included a smoke filled elevated shack that you entered and exited through a maze, ladders, a foam filled tube maze, slides,  rope climbs, stretcher up and overs, fire hose tight-rope walks, tunnel crawls and more.  The medal and t-shirt were very nice and the overall feel was to have fun and challenge some of your basic fears: smoke, fire, confined spaces etc….Overall rating: 3/5

Reminder: bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer or wet wipes with you to these events as some events do not provide washing stations near the port-o-potties -Hero Rush had none!

Sidebar note: we were promised a t-shirt for recruiting 6 or more team members and to date I still had not received it, when I contacted them via email they said they were no longer in business and e-mails are no longer being responded to.


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Kelli McRobert
OCR obsessed from Kingston, Ontario, Canada! The muddier, the better! What started out as 50 races by the time I was 50 has grown into a passion that will continue after 50!



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