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1 Survived and 2 Infected...
1 Survived and 2 Infected…


We decided to head down the night before and stayed locally at the Holiday Inn, Batavia, NY.  The hotel was clean and well maintained and only 10 minutes from Area 51 Motorcross race way.  We scouted out the location that afternoon and they were well set-up and good signage along the route.  Parking was in a field and held a large number of cars guided by volunteers.  The cost for parking: $10.00.  Our team was called ‘Crazy Canucks’ and we were scheduled to race at 0900 hrs.  There was no line-up for kit pick up and it was again, well organized and well marked for participants.  You signed your waiver, confirmed your identity and were given your race bib, pins and “I Love Brains” tattoo. You could even take the new Cracker Jack’d snacks (free) that they were handing out throughout the day.  Everywhere we looked there were bleeding corpses and walking zombies who had volunteered for the day in exchange for a discounted race and some awesome swag.  We headed over to the main area and were pleasantly surprised that we could run the 0800 hrs heat and were the first group out that morning.  The M/C hailed from Brooklyn, NY and was excellent, he kept the crowd excited to race and had a fantastic stage presence and great tunes that you could hear throughout the course.  At the sound of the horn we were off.  The motorcross trails were well-laid out and criss crossed over treed acres and moderate hilly terrain.  Our first set of zombies were starving for brains and were quite fast and energetic. The trick was determining which ones were chasers. Some hid in the bushes and others under bridges.  The goal was to retain one of three red flags that were attached to your belt by the end of the race. With over 8 zombie hunt zones to attack you it was extremely difficult to keep ANY flags.  Some of the great obstacles were muddy submerged conduit tubes with dangling wet ropes, deep mud, a freezing blood bath (5′ deep) and the’ shack’ that had zero visibility with dangling shock ropes that you had to crawl under to get to the other side.  Good mud throughout and your final obstacle was to slide under an electric fence on slippery grass after the final zombie hunt zone where they were determined to grab any remaining flags.  Nice medal and a black tech shirt upon completion.  One free beer with your registration and a few vendors on site for merchandise, fries, lemonade and pulled pork.  Nice shower area and even tented change rooms for males and females. Free bag check for small items. Overall less than a 50 minute race.  Great zombies throughout that add a chase challenge and extremely well organized and a fun event!

Overall: 4/5  would have liked more obstacles

Tips: go with a team so you can block access to your flags, bring a waterproof camera for some really fun photos and a lawn chair if you want to stay after.

Mud and Adventure was there with us!

Mud and Adventure was there with us!
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