ROC Race at San Diego – Race Review


ROC RACE at San Diego

ROC RACE before the race 

            This event lived up to its name, a RIDICULOUSLY FUN race! ROC race is a great race for first timers who want to have a taste of what running a 5k will be like, or for runners who just want to have some fun with their friends. There is nothing serious about this obstacle race.

             You will definitely get wet on this race; if you’re looking forward on getting muddy dirty then this isn’t the right race for you. The ROC Race has many fun obstacles such as water slides, tubing down the slide into the water, moon bouncing on their world’s biggest moon bouncers and more! Think of this race like a mini Raging Waters or any water park with inflatable rides.  There are other obstacles without water or inflatable such as jumping over the walls, mud pits, rope climbing up the hill, and more.

            One of the coolest things that Alpha Warrior Race did was to provide ROC RACE with one of their obstacles on the race, bounces to freedom; we loved it! We even went to Alpha Warrior after this event, but that’s another article that has yet to be told. The wrecking ball wasn’t the colorful ball we saw on the website, but that didn’t matter one bit since this obstacle made us feel like we were part of the WIPE OUT games. We fell off in a blink of an eye, the wrecking ball obstacle isn’t easy as looks; we shall advise you to not underestimate this one! Our favorite was the Drop Out Slide, which slides us through the finish line, how awesome is that?! Sliding to the finish line?! Too RIDICULOUSLY awesome!

             If you want to run for free, you need to volunteer for two full days. However, a friend of ours decided to volunteered for two days ended up not being able to run, due to not having enough volunteers; They gave her two free entry for next year instead. Also, we were definitely let down about their awesome looking medals; The ROC race medals are not provided for all runners, only to those with the biggest team and the best costumes. Bummer!

The Pros:

-Fun Obstacles

-Colorful costumes all around

-Colorful backgrounds for your photos!

-Perfect race for warm & hot days

-Great for those who wants an easy race

 The Cons:

-No medals for all runners

 -Volunteering for two days to get a free entry (Most races I have seen have the volunteers help out for one day only)

 -Not for those who wants a challenging race


-Wear good running shoes, NO CLEATS! Or you’ll destroy the inflatable slides/bouncers. No fun!

-Wear swim shorts, any wicking moisture tops and/or sport bra, can go shirt-less.

-Wear colorful outfits!

 -If you come up with an awesome idea for costumes, you just might win a medal! Think ahead on something very CREATIVE!

If you want to see our point of view from our youtube link, please click here: ROC RACE Recap by Deaf Heart Active



Alexis Goldstein & Patrick Rubio 


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