Playout: The Game – Who Knew Exercise Could Be So Much Fun?!


Who knew exercise could not only be so much fun, but also so portable! Whether you work long hours, don’t belong to a gym, or are always traveling (or all of the above), this revolutionary take on fitness is for you. In fact, even if none of these apply, you will still enjoy this “game.”

Although indicated as such on the package, Playout is SO much more than just a game. The concept is ridiculously simple, but strategically effective – make fitness FUN. There are so many options that no game will ever be exactly the same. It’s motivating if you are by yourself, but equally fun with friends. Another great reason why Playout is adaptable in just about any situation. Some people like to work out alone, some prefer a group – you can do either.

Before you start the actual game, there is a card to guide you through a stretch and warm-up. Then the real fun begins. You pick the games and options based on what you want to achieve. You can focus on one entire area of the body (lower,upper, or core) or mix it up to get a complete full-body workout. Go for time, reps, or sets. Compete against friends and see who can do the most. Is it obvious yet? The possibilities are endless! I love the Wild Cards – when used with the other cards, they challenge you to add reps, add weight, or double your initial sets.

playout game

Here’s one huge reason why Playout is so spectacular to me (and probably would be for many others reading this). It’s OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) specific. Many of the exercises target areas that are important for success in obstacle course racing: from upper body exercises like divebombers and push ups (all variations), to lower body activities such as squat jumps and super jumps. Obstacles require core, upper, and lower body strength, and Playout can help you achieve that.

My only “complaint” is not really even a complaint. Maybe I should say the only thing I disagree with regarding Playout. The package says for ages 13+. After careful and lengthy research (and the help of my 5 children, all under the age of 7), I have determined that this game can be adapted to ANY age! My kids have stayed occupied for hours inventing new variations using these cards. They play alone, with each other, and often with me when I’m doing my own workout.

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The pictures, while simple, are very effective and really help make each exercise easy to follow. The step-by-step directions are easy to understand. If needed, modifications and tips are given for most of the exercises. So if you are just beginning a workout program, just getting back in to it, or need a change of routine when feeling in a rut, this is for you. There is also a downloadable mobile app available in the iTunes App Store. In summary, by far one of the best ways to get in a daily workout – without any excuses.

Playout the game

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Laura Lunardi
I played D1 field hockey and lacrosse at the University of Delaware. My road racing interest started after graduating. Years later - and after having 5 kids - I started to do more races. Then I found the wonderful world of OCR. My first Spartan Race was in September of 2013. I instantly felt at home. I thrive on competition - it drives me. I am currently ranked #11 among Elite Spartan women and #26 overall. Every race has taught me a lesson - some good, some bad, but all life-changing. And I can't wait to keep learning!



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