Overcome and Run Podcast – The Barkley Marathons with Nickdemus Hollan


The Overcome and Run podcast chats with Nickademus Hollan, a winner of Barkley Marathons, as well as a multi time World’s Toughest Mudder competitor.

We start the episode talking about a race that I am super interested in, which is the Barkley Marathons. You may have seen the documentary on Netflix, if you did Nick was the guy with the long hair who didn’t win that year. He did go on to win the following year however. Nick is also a multi time Worlds Toughest Mudder competitor. We talk about how he went out too hard and ended up dropping out after 65 miles this year, though he was a favorite to win.

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Original AuthorJay Bode
Original SourceOvercome And Run
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Overcome And Run
I am Jay Bode, host of the Overcome and Run podcast. I am pure runner turned Obstacle Course Racer. I ran my first Tough Mudder in early 2015 and have been going hard ever since. I could barely wait the 11 miles to start looking for my next race. In addition to the podcast, I have an amazing wife named Heather who is also an Obstacle Course Racer and the other voice you hear on the show. We are making 2016 our year to grow into the realm of elite racers. As if the show and my wife don't get the majority of my time, I am also active duty in the United States Navy.


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