Obstacle Difficulty: In Search Of The Sweet Spot


Several obstacle races are trying to make their races more and more difficult. This is great for the elites, however, does this strategy start to make the races unobtainable for the majority of the racers? Christopher Stephens provides some thoughts, and interviews with race directors including Garfield Griffiths, Eli Hutchison, and Mike Morris.

At Spartan Races, I spoke to VP for Production Mike Morris, who told me that the relative difficulty of the obstacles was something they talk about a lot at Spartan HQ.  Their approach is different from Tough Mudder’s, because while both are concerned about safety, Spartan also prioritizes developing the sport of OCR. “The obstacles don’t have to be mind-blowingly difficult or crazy or huge. It’s not about just building the biggest monstrosity, but building and developing the sport and building a lifestyle around the sport.”

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