Opinion: What Makes a Spartan Racer?


With Spartan Race being self policed for most waves, should you claim you are a Spartan Racer if you skip some of your burpees? Randy Moss’ televised appearance on Spartan Race kicked off this debate, and the author provides some more thoughts.

Months post-race, I noticed debates online raging between those wanting validation for having crossed the finish line at all, (without having completed the race according to the rules,) versus those who felt if you did not adhere to the race rules, you didn’t finish the race. I was disappointed that such a debate even existed, I expected better from Spartan participants. Perhaps naively, I expected anyone who sought to achieve the title of Spartan finisher would uphold the Spartan rules. Knowing there were people excusing themselves and still claiming the Spartan title brought to mind my “special snowflake” days, when my plastic trophies shown with metal meaninglessness on my shelf. I want my Spartan medals to reflect honor.

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Original AuthorSarah Pipkin
Original SourceMud Run Guide
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