Momma Stump


The author recounts their story about Momma Stump – who fought a tough battle against cancer.

But Momma rallied. She started chemo. She had a partial mastectomy before that. The chemo sucked. It was hard. She lost her hair. Her long, thick, beautiful jet black hair that she was always so proud of. We all shaved our heads too. We made bracelets and did fund raisers to help her with the costs. She lost her home to a house fire while she was at her first chemo treatment (no shit). But she fought on tenaciously. DFQ Momma. DFQ.

She cheered us on during HCLS attempts, and during Selection attempts (not me mind you, haha), and during GRCs. In the midst of chemo treatments she showed up at a GRC in October 2014 for the sole purpose of cheering my wife Cindy to her first patch. She made signs and laminated them for Cindy. She ended up shadowing and taking pictures all night long. ALL DAMN NIGHT. DFQ Cindy Kamm. DFQ Momma.

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