My adventure in the OCR world – Part 3, The End (and Future)


 As I try to convince workmates… 


We’re in December 2012. Yes, I am that passionate: trying to convince out-of-shape colleagues to register in the Tough Mudder and organizing a team. The Tough Mudder will take place that same summer of 2013 right around our region (It actually took place in Bromont, Quebec, Canada). The event is in July 2013, I am guessing that it gives plenty of time to my friends and workmates to get ready for this race. I’ve never done it myself but I am sure of one thing: we’re going to have a blast. I’ve even convince my manager to pay to make our team a custom t-shirt (see picture above).

As for me, I am well prepared; in December, I’ve already booked my whole 2013 season which will consist of 5 races: 

  • Montreal Spartan Sprint (with the same lady I did my Spartan Sprint the year before)
  • Mud Hero (with my 2 kids)
  • Montreal Spartan Super
  • Tough Mudder (8 workmates registered)
  • Ottawa Spartan Beast, completing the TriFecta

My wife is actually my wise and safe half; she’s the one slowing me from registering to more races than that. (In afterthought, she was right, there were too high of a risk of  injury if I had done more than two races a month).

So my season started easy with the Spartan Sprint. I was anxious to know if my training did hold up and help to get to the level of achievement that I wanted. It actually did: I finished in the first 5% of all the finishers that day.

Spartan Race - Sprint 2013


Next up was the Mud Hero, with my 2 kids. I was really excited to do this and was impatient to see how my kids would hold up: It was an awesome bonding day. It actually gave the same interest I have to both my kids and I was a quite proud father of their accomplishment! My son and daughter absolutely want to repeat the experience next year. My 16 year-old has actually insinuated giving the TriFecta a try!



Next on the agenda was The Spartan Super, the Tough Mudder and the Beast: I absolutely want to make an article on my road to the TriFecta (Sprint/Super/Beast) so I’ll briefly say that they were fun, really tuff but so emancipating…

I need to take some time to tell you how much the experience of doing a race with workmates was fun. It was dirty, fun, scary but most of all I strongly thinks that there’s nothing more bonding for a work team. 
The Tough Mudder got my friends worried before the event, but hooked after. All of them, with no exceptions, plan on doing another one next year. It also became a motivation tool for many of them so that they get in better shape and ready for it next year.

I am proud of what I organized and it actually made me create a Facebook groupe page for the people that works in IT or love technology in general that would like to do a race next year as a team: The Muddy Geek Crew


That is my introduction of my humble beginnings in the OCR world. I plan on being around for a while now and participate in spreading the word of how great this pretty much new sports is.

And so, what will I bring to the mud and adventure website as a contributor you may ask? I want to share with you my experience and review each and every run I did and those I plan to do.

Also, as a passionate and every day Joe, I will try to find ways to spare you the endless hours of reading I did through tons of website, reviews, recommendations and tips and concentrate it in what I consider has been the most precious information for me, plus my own discoveries. 

I will try to cover it all: food, training, equipment and anything related to make your experience in the OCR world enjoyable. Either it’s your first steps in Obstacle Course Racing or your an avid elite runner, I hope to be able to bring a little contribution to this new sport.


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