Meet The World’s Most Fantastical New Climbing Gyms


Clip n Climb started in New Zealand, and has grown to over 100 different locations around the world.

Imagine American Ninja Warrior meets climbing gym with the color palette of a third-grade crayon box and you have Clip ‘N Climb.

The gym does not bill itself as a rock climbing gym. It doesn’t train people for outdoors climbing but instead is an end in itself where people can work on the athletic movements of climbing in a creative environment. If looking to become a proficient outdoors rock climber, you will want to look elsewhere.
One of their more popular “premium” challenges, Leap Of Faith, includes a in-air leap. Users must climb a crane-looking pole that can reach heights of 30 feet, tip-toe up to a platform, and attempt their “Leap Of Faith” to what looks like a punching bag and grab hold. Described as a real “mental and emotional challenge,” this simply sounds fun. They rank their challenges, and this is slated to require three out of five stars in agility, five in courage, and five in difficulty. Truly, a must-do for Clip ‘N Climb enthusiasts.

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