JohnnyB Fitt calls it quits


Popular obstacle course racing gym JohnnyB Fitt will be shutting down in March, due to membership dropping month over month.

Membership has dropped by a third since 2014, from more than 300 to just over 200, which took a major financial hit on the Bouwmans who floated their business out of their own pockets for two years. The Bouwmans admitted they cannot continue to operate at a loss. “It comes down to people not coming through the doors anymore because they don’t have jobs themselves,” John said. With Goodlife opening in fall 2017 in Cornerstone, JBF forecasts there is no way to get their numbers back up. Needing multiple surgeries and having doctors telling her to slow down and change her lifestyle, the need to focus on Barb’s health was the final factor to close the business.<

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