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As many of you, know obstacle course racing (OCR) is becoming one of the most popular types of racing.  Many obstacle course racers want to race for free or with some sort of sponsorship.  This could be a nutrition sponsor, supplement sponsor, sock sponsor, or even a clothes sponsor. We can’t all be a Hobie Call or a Hunter McIntyre.   They are currently two of the best OCR athletes out there.  So how can you get noticed by sponsors?  Here are a few tips that will help you in this quest.

Chris McCorkle

The first and easiest thing to do is to socialize with other racers. Making friends is pretty easy in the OCR community. Talk, go out to dinner, have a beer.  OCR athletes are pretty easygoing people who like to let loose after a hard day of racing.  Having friends and talking to these guys and gals will help with your connections.  Connections are what you need when it comes to getting to know sponsors.  If you are making a lot of new friends each weekend and several people start following you, you’re on your way to growing a great deal of social leverage. Building and working your social media skills with these new friends and followers using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest will help to build your Klout score and your leverage when courting sponsors.

Second, it is important to have some really good pictures. I am not saying to go out and get glamor shots or use home pictures of you posing. Have some of you friends or family get some action shots at one of the races. If you are really nice to The Painted Warrior, they will take some great pictures and make you look like a star. The basic race pictures might work also. With a great photo you can make the sponsors sit up and take notice.  This could lead to a sponsorship. 

One of the most important tips is to be persistent. If you don’t hear anything from potential sponsors, make yourself known by following up.  Failing to follow up is one of the biggest mistakes you could make when trying to get a sponsorship. Let them know you will work hard to get their sponsorship and keep working hard after you get it.

As you go out and forge ahead in the OCR world looking for sponsorships don’t be shy. Ask every sponsor you can think of, be persistent, get them your best pictures, and remind them that you have friends…lots and lots of friends. 

Chris McCorkle

OCR since April 2012



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