Getting Muddy at Seven Springs


MOTM Start

With the first 3 miles of a 7.73 mile course basically all up hill, Mud on the Mountain at Seven Springs Resort PA on 11/2/13 was no joke. The terrain, in my opinion, was the highlight of the race with the first mile being the most challenging and straight up a steep ski hill with snow making machines blasting mist into the air. There was a lot of nice trail running incorporated into the race and a fast downhill finish.



Misty run up 1st hill

I felt the 26 obstacles on the course were very respectable with everything from a log carry, the typical walls barbed wire crawl and monkey bars, freezing cold water obstacles, and a really fast slip and slide. It was much warmer than last November, but there were 3 sets of buoys you had to dunk your head under and the water was so cold it took your breath away. That was the most challenging part for me and to recover after that! I thought it was a wonderful and well put together course. It was said the course was a reverse loop of last years race.


Nice Hardware!

The event takes place biannually in November and then in May. The atmosphere at Seven Springs was absolutely breathtaking and terrain was wonderful for an OCR event. The elite heat was the only timed heat and it started at 9am. Great after party atmosphere with good recovery snacks and fire to warm up beside. Very well organized and fun race! Would definitely recommend to everyone.

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Jenny Turak
Age: 28 Residence: Erie, PA Occupation: Pharmacist Height: 5’4” Weight: 120 lbs My life revolves around fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I have crazy passion for running and racing and got hooked about 3 years ago when my sister who is an elite runner got me to do a Turkey Trot. I was a competitive figure skater until I went to pharmacy school in 2005, so I am very competitive and have a killer drive for success. I am addicted to training and endorphins and live to be challenged! I absolutely love the rush and multifaceted nature of OCR and am addicted after a summer of Spartan Races and other various events. I think it’s such an amazing sport combining strength, running ability, stamina, agility, and mental toughness. I strive to constantly create new barriers to my comfort zone and push my limits to achieve the things I once thought impossible. I am extremely honored to be amongst such an amazing group of athletes!


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