Ryan Atkins: World’s Toughest Mudder (2013) Race Recap


I just stumbled on Ryan Atkins’ (the 2013 WTM winner) race recap from this past weekend’s annual World’s Toughest Mudder. 

[blockquote width=’100′]

On the car ride down from Toronto, to New Jersey, we were asked by the border patrol, where we were going, and what we doing. My Girlfriend was driving at the moment, and she said “We’re going to New Jersey. One of us, Ryan, is doing an event called the Worlds Toughest Mudder!” He replied saying that he already had several people cross tonight who were doing that event. She replied by saying “Yeah, but you haven’t had the winner come through yet, have you?”. I have the best, most supportive girlfriend ever!


You can read the rest of this great story at Ryan’s blog.


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