Edmonton and Calgary spartan race recaps–the good, the bad and the ugly

Edmonton Spartan Podium with Jason Kincaid and Bev Watson
Edmonton Spartan Podium with Jason Kincaid and Bev Watson

 The Western Canadian spartan races are run by a completely separate organization from the Eastern races. Last year the obstacles were decidedly weak, so this year Johnny Waite was present to make sure that didn’t happen again, and there was a big improvement.  


Edmonton was on a ski hill–very challenging terrain with no flats, it was a beautiful day. The monkey bars are closer together and level  like an extension ladder (easier), but longer (harder) and you can slip off when muddy.  The long grass was very dewy and just like a skating rink for the first heat–treacherous coming down! The sandbag and concrete block carries were too short.

The rope, however, is the devil’s creation. Almost no-one can get up this thin, slippery, nylon rope with only a few knots on it. Count on burpees there. The course overall, though was challenging and fun. The announcement for the awards was so quiet I didn’t hear it and if it weren’t for my dear friend Jason, who won the men’s event I would have missed it. I think that is why we are the only 2 in the podium pictures! The great thing is we got our cheques on the podium. 

CTV was there interviewing and we were both on the nightly news. Sorry my Mud and Adventure T-shirt had not arrived yet or I would have worn it!

The really bad thing about Western Canada is the timing. My partner did not get his time on Saturday and mine never appeared on Sunday. I was 1st on Sunday, but the best part is that I was 4th in the MEN. Only 30 burpees kept me out of 3rd. (Jason, who is a top Canadian triathlete had gone home).

After the race we did the course again, encouraging one woman who was struggling, but we were able to leave her as she was so determined she did not need our help. We decided to do a monkey bar race to determine which is faster, hand over hand as per usual or sideways a la Jeffrey Bent. While we were waiting for a break at the monkey bars, my partner encouraged me to help a very large man with his burpees after he fell off right at the end while he cheered us on. Guess who won the monkey bar race? I call foul.


Calgary was at a BMX park–dry, dusty and they had us running through the brush. Unfortunately too much single track >in a field that did not thin out, and not enough sandbags or concrete blocks or ropes made for line ups. The concrete block carry was unbelievably short but practically over a cliff–only about 30 feet. Another beautiful day, and the beer was good, but less luck with results that day. My spear, which I usually get, slowly tilted and slipped out of some loose The Uglyhay after hitting at a perfect trajectory–aaargh!  After doggedly bugging various personnel, I found out I was 3rd female in the elite heat, but never heard about any awards–maybe they were at the after party??? 

 Got a little bashed up–just another badge of honour to be worn with pride. And my Mud and Adventure Tshirt arrived in time for Calgary.

Calgary podium

Here I am all patched up. Smiling and happy–how could it be any way else on an amazing day with endorphins screaming through your body?



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