There’s a new kid on the block. Meet BattleFrog, the obstacle race series designed by U.S. Navy SEALs.


BattleFrog obstacle race
There’a brand new OCR series called “BattleFrog“. It has been created by current and former Navy SEALs and has MAJOR funding behind it. Their first event is in Atlanta May 31 and June 1 with four other dates and locations along the Eastern Seaboard (pun intended) to be announced soon.

BattleFrog website
One of the Navy SEALs involved is none other than Don Mann, a former SEAL Team 6 member (the elite of the elite) who has over 35 years (1,000+ races) worth of competitive racing experience, and was once ranked 38th in the world as a triathlete.

From their facebook page:



BattleFrog is an intense new series of obstacle course races inspired by the challenges real Navy SEALs face everyday. 


Company Overview

For the first time in history, active, reserve and retired Navy SEALs have come together to create BattleFrog, the most adventure-packed, competitive timed 15k or 5k obstacle course race (OCR) series in the history of the sport inspired by the BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) 6-month long SEAL training course held at the Naval Special Warfare Training Center in Coronado, CA.

Prove your strength and rise above adversity with the ultimate obstacle race series of its kind and learn what it means to truly be a BattleFrog—an Elite Force able to survive and overcome any challenge. 

Designed by active, reserve and retired U.S. Navy SEALs, BattleFrog is an intense new series of obstacle course races inspired by the challenges real Navy SEALs face every day in the field. Adventure and excitement wait around every corner of each unique and demanding course, testing your limits and forcing you to push beyond your limits. Designed with input from Navy SEALs, this arduous course is not for your average marathon runner—water obstacles, physical challenges and other grueling feats elevate this event to an unforgettable experience that only serious race Elites will survive.

Unleash your inner “BattleFrog,” the unofficial mascot of the Navy SEALs that represents the adaptable, resilient nature required to thrive in this fierce environment. Each event gives a raw, real and authentic experience, starting with a U.S. Navy helicopter fly over, the sound of a cannon and actual Navy SEALs leading the first heat.

No one leaves unscathed, but you will leave changed. You will be pushed to the limits of what’s possible. And you will finish as an indisputable champion among the world’s most Elite Forces.

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