Gear review: ROOMEL – the changing room in a towel.


Have you ever been at an OCR or the another event where you needed to change, but there was no where available but your car or in public?? I have and I can tell you it’s very frustrating. But not to fret! There is a new product that two innovative New Jersey brothers have created to solve your changing in public needs. 3i Products Inc brings you “Roomel: Changing Room in a towel.” Roomel is a towel that converts to a changing room so you don’t have to show off more than you want in public.

I had the opportunity to try out Roomel and I will definitely add it to my racing bag. Roomel comes folded up in the appearance of a bag with a zipper and handle for easy transportation and storage. You could carry it alone or put it in your racing bag. There is a hidden pocket on the front to hold smaller valuables while you are racing or off on other adventures. Roomel is made of soft, water resistant nylon and comes in a variety of colors to show off your personality instead of… you know, your privates.

When you are ready to use Roomel, you simply unzip the bottom, and open it up so it looks like a towel. With the drawstring on top, you zip up the towel and tighten the drawstring around your waist or upper chest, depending on what clothing you would like to change out. For smaller framed people, the drawstring may leave a little gap, but it was not enough to expose anything. As of now Roomel comes in one size.

My favorite part of Roomel is the “hand access slits” that allow you to privately change underneath of the towel. No need to worry about finding a scary bathroom or driving around in your car with muddy clothes. I was able to change out of bottoms with ease and without feeling exposed. When it came to changing out of a sports bra, that took a little more maneuvering, but it is do-able. A normal bra or bikini top would be much easier to change out of.

The great thing is that Roomel can be used in many situations. Do you surf or want to change after a day at the beach? Did you just go mountain biking and got a little dirty? Did you pee your pants in a fit of laughter and need to change pants? No worries…Roomel to the rescue.

Overall, this product offers a great solution to a problem that I often encounter at races. I plan to add it to my race bag and suggest you try it out too!

Tanya Manning-Tanya Manning, team Mud and Adventure Athlete


How many times after completing a race have you stood by your car, opened the front and back passenger doors and with a sense of urgency whipped your shorts down, wrapped your towel around your waist, then attempt to get your clean dry shorts on without pulling the towel up too high and getting nailed with an indecent exposure charge by the towns local authorities, or get a nasty look from the mother rushing by while covering her child’s eyes?   Happened to me for all 26 races I ran last season. At my last and final race of my season I saw a stand set up advertising a product called the “Roomel”. With some time before the competitive heat started browsed the vendor stands and gave this table from “3i Products” a further look. The gentleman standing behind the table was very eager to give a demonstration of his product. He picked up one of the many messenger bags setting on the table. Proceeded to unzip the top of the bag and pull out an oversized towel that you wouldn’t imagine even fit into the bag itself.

The gentleman then performed a very quick and effortless demonstration. He wrapped the large towel around his waist, zippered from the top down enclosing the towel. He then pulled a drawstring in the towel causing it to tighten around his waist. Next he put his hands into slits on each side of the towel where standard pockets would be located in shorts, explaining their open slits giving you unhindered access directly to your clothing underneath the towel. It was a very convenient, easy and effortless way to remove and replace your under garments while drying yourself off with very comfortable and fast absorbing towel. All while avoiding any possible criminal charges and embarrassment in public.

I was weary at first as salesman always makes their product use look much easy and carefree then in actuality. To my very pleasant surprise, in 6 easy steps this product was just what I was looking for.

  1. Pull the towel out and invert the bag into the towel
  2. Wrap around your waist
  3. Zip up
  4. Insert hands in pocket slits and remove dirty/wet shorts
  5. Dry yourself off
  6. Put your new/dry bottoms on your ankles and insert your hands back in the pocket slits to pull up your bottoms.


If that wasn’t enough once you invert the towel back into a bag, it also has two water-resistant bag/pockets on the exterior of the bag allowing you to store any valuables or keys in one and your wet clothes in another. Once you get home it makes for very easy clean up throwing the bag/towel and your wet clothes right into the washer. For anyone that does OCRs or any events involving water/mud/dirt this product should be a mainstay in your arsenal equivalent to your shoes. Highly recommend this and definitely a new favorite of mine.

– Mike Natale, team Mud and Adventure athlete


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