Zombie Survival with Tribesports


Zombies are coming! Stay fit, stay human…

While we don’t know when the un-dead will begin to rise, we sure can do a good job of preparing ourselves physically for the occasion. 

This Halloween at Tribesports we have teamed up with a few of our expert fitness partners to provide the perfect combination of Challenges to keep you fit and keep you alive. If you find zombies the perfect motivator to keep you running, check out the Zombie Prepareness Tribe for survivors on Tribesports.

Al Kavadlo, Kettlebell Bombshell and The Hybrid Athlete have created 4 great workouts designed to work on various aspects of your fitness to keep you in top shape for when it comes to fight or flight. 


Under Siege Workout by Al Kavadlo and Wrecking Bell Workout by Kettlebell Bombshell

Workout by Al Kavadlo















Kettlebell bombshell workout

The Under Siege Workout was created for Tribesports by Al Kavadlo and designed specifically to be an effective body weight  only strength and conditioning circuit  that you can do anywhere  without access to any equipment. Perfect for when zombies have your surrounded in your make-shift fortress and you need to keep fit whilst you await your rescue or an opportunity to escape.

Kettlebell Bombshells Wrecking Bell Workout is a full body strength workout performed with kettlebells. Great for building strength and muscle.


Evasion and Escape and  Zombie Fitness Circuits by The Hybrid Athlete

Hybrid athlete workout 1

Hybrid athlete workout 2


Two top workouts from The Hybrid Athlete; Evasion and Escape will be sure to keep your cardio in up to scratch with a combination of HIIT running and bodyweight exercises to help you escape any zombie that decides you’re on the menu, whilst the Fitness circuits will build your pulling, climbing and jumping abilities with a combination of strength moves set up in a challenging circuit. If you are up for the Challenge, you can create an account on Tribesports and log all of your training on your own profile – whilst finding support, motivation and guidance from our awesome community.

Which side will you be on when the outbreak is upon us? Remember… Stay fit.. Stay human!!



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