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As the CEO of SweatWorks, I spend most of my time running the company and working with our high-demand clients.  I spend 12-14 hours seated during the day and only get an hour or so to crank out a high intensity workout that will build on my strength, endurance and flexibility.  I am always looking for training methods and tools to make the most efficient use of my hour spent training.  When Mud and Adventure had asked me to review the Wreck Bag by Lindon Fitness, I jumped on it.

My first experience with Wreck Bags was at the  Civilian Military Combine (CMC) Amesbury when I ran the course with one of CMC’s founders, Keith Gornish.  I am a big fan of CMC and their commitment to producing the best event possible.  Their choice with using Wreck Bags instead of the standard issue sandbags is an example of that.  I couldn’t wait to get a workout in with the Wreck Bag.

I used the Wreck Bag for a week straight and incorporated it into every workout.  Unlike a sandbag (that can purchase at your local home improvement store), the wreck bag is incredibly versatile.  The quality of the build is evident even after a full week of use in various conditions.  The wreck bag is easy to transport from your car / house to your training location.  I do recommend that you wear a shirt when training with the bag to avoid getting any “bag” burns or scratches.  You can carry the bag on one shoulder or across your back.  The handles are solid and built to last.  I found that carrying the bag across my back was the most comfortable for training and transporting.

I had the 50 lbs Wreck bag for the review which worked out well.  The wreck bag looks right at home at your local CrossFit box, Equinox or on the trail.  I appreciated how even the bag was during a hike that I wanted to try it on a stair climbers.  For a brutal workout, try doing 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off on the straircliber with the wreck bag.  I lasted 2 ½ rounds before calling it quits.  I have tried pancakes, even dumbbells, on the stair climber, and nothing worked as well as the wreck bag.

Other staple exercises that worked great included, box climbs, squats (front and back), push-ups, lunges, good mornings, thrusters, and push-presses.  I am sure you can find many other ways to use a Wreck Bag but I tried to stick with compound movements that took advantage of the strengths of the bag.

I would recommend Wreck Bag to anyone looking to incorporate dynamic and compound movements into their workout at the gym, box or outdoors.  I am sure you will start to find these bags at boxes, gyms and obstacle course races soon.

Wreck Bag

Product was provided to our contributor for review.  Wreck Bag is available in the Mud and Adventure shop.

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