Welcome to M+A OCR & Mud Runs!


“Hey, what happened here? Mud and Adventure used to just be all about OCR’s & Mud Runs? What are all those other sections?”

Well, we’re glad you asked! As the sport of OCR has grown, athletes are coming in & out of the sport from all different directions, Spartan Race World Champ Robert Killian’s background was Ironman triathlon, while Rose Wetzel-Sinnett excelled at track & field. By the same token, OCR athletes are getting into ultra-endurance events like Ragnar Relay all the way up to Fuego Y Agua!

Mud + Adventure is growing to include all the different “Outdoor Athletic Adventures and Training” that encompass our world – the sports and activities that are closest to obstacle racing and mud runs.

From Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Costa Rica to running across America, we’ve brought together experts from all over the planet to bring the best of it all to you! Train with Crossfit certified coaches or Spartan Race Training SGX, and then find your next Adventure with our Adventure Travel section managed by the Explorer Chick!

Welcome to Mud + Adventure, we’re back & better than ever. There’s so much coming very soon, we ask only one thing of you:

Choose Your Adventure!


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