Warrior Dash (Miami, FL) – Race Recap


2012-11-10 18.05.14

Even before getting heavily involved in the OCR world I remember hearing about the Warrior Dash. A race that promised fun, obstacles and BEER!

Waiting at the start line I was ready to tackle this course. It was held at Amelia Earhart Park down in Miami, FL. As soon as I knew it, boom! A blast went off to signal the start of the race. My friends and I were running together and we had a great time. They were dressed up as the power rangers and I was their mascot, the piggy. I remembered encountering quite a few obstacles that were different. For instance, one as two beat up cars you had to climb over that was followed by tires you had to run through right after. I mean, it was cool we got to jump on top of cars, but you figure after the first couple waves and that could be quite dangerous with the damaged metal. Anyways, there wasn’t anything that was super crazy and hard about this event. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun and DIRTY event, but looking back it was nothing super challenging as some other runs I have done. It’s a fun 5k, with plenty of obstacles and mud for anyone who wants to get their toes dirty for their first 5k. 

The Pros:

-Fun obstacles, lots of mud. 

-Sweet fuzzy viking hats.


The Cons:

-Way too short.

-Dangerous obstacle (the cars) in someone can get hurt or mangled quick if no one is paying attention. And the worst part, I don’t remember seeing any volunteers at that obstacle. 


-Get the stamina to run 3 miles and you’ll be A-Okay for this course. 

-Some upper body strength helps for some of the obstacles. 

-There is a swim portion, so get ready that. Within that swim portion is an obstacle so be careful! When there is bottle necking at especially this obstacle it can cause serious problems. 

-Gear Wise: Costumes! or your normal running clothes are fine. You will get dirty so make sure to bring extra clothes after you wash off in the lake. And I can’t stress having the right shoes enough. Or if your shoes are about to fall apart, donate them! There are always shoe donations at these events. 



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