Vacation Races and 7 Reasons Why You Need to Have a “Racecation”


Muddy Warrior Chick goes over some of the reasons for why you should take a Racecation.

Even if you don’t classify yourself as a “runner” the fact of the matter is you are.  Let’s be honest, the people who are your running friends can be more personal than your actual friends.  They are the ones you confide with and talk about your pre-race poops, porta-potty nightmares, smelly clothes, and see you regularly with no makeup on, or your hair not done.  In fact, I’ve been in situations before where I would see my running friends while we were all showered up, makeup on, with hair done and we couldn’t find each other in a room without staring oddly at each other.  Combine these friends with a getaway where you don’t have get fancy, can wear yoga pants, and enjoy eating after race donuts together without judgement, you can count me IN!

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