An Introduction to ULTRA Endurance with Mud & Adventure

Wanting to know what is possible is one thing.  Wanting to know what is possible for yourself, well, that’s a game changer.  In a media driven world where we can experience the Great Wall Of China on Instagram just before paddling the Amazon in a matter of minutes, we know that other people are capable of amazing physical endeavors.  What we haven’t figured out though, is what are we capable of?

The barrier to entry for some things just seems too great to even take the first step:  

  • Learning a new skill like climbing, rowing, skiing, or cycling
  • The cost of travel to be able to test yourself in the playground that is earth
  • The accessibility to training while raising a family, starting a business, living life.

They all take the wind out of our sail before we even push off to sea.  Then there is running. And endurance.  We have all run at some point and no matter what level we may be at right now, we know more is possible.  The great ultra runners are matched by every day runners taking on the same routes.  You next door neighbor could have easily conquered an epic trail before breakfast.   This is it.  This is the thing that can breath life into your life.  It’s too big for today but doable tomorrow.  We can build up to this.  It’s ULTRA endurance.  Picking a route or an event and training for it until you are ready to finally find out the question you have always wondered…

What am I capable of?

You start, we are here to help you finish.

From inspiration (podcasts and articles), to education (training), and resources (discounted events and a community) to make the journey as fun and exciting as the destination the Ultra Endurance branch of Mud & Adventure is here to serve your most epic ideas of endurance!

We will be growing our event database as well as the contributors for this section of M&A.

If you are on your own journey in the world of Ultra Endurance, can teach, coach, or just like to write about the subject, let us know.  You can send an email to [email protected]. Tell us about yourself.  If you own an event and want to get the word out, shoot a message to the same address!

ultra enduranceScott Jones is the founder of Athlete On Fire and Becoming Ultra.  Projects to bridge the gap between amazing athletes and the rest of us!  He has been coaching athletes for over 13 years of all levels and loves the trails of Colorado, where he calls home.


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