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History Repeats Itself: A bear takes on the Beast

Last year going into only my second Spartan Race /OCR race ever, I approached the starting line with confidence and perhaps even a little disrespect for the sport and it's athletes. I don't totally blame myself for my mislead arrogance as just three weeks prior I had beat the unbeatable Hobie Call by 6 minutes on what was being touted as perhaps the toughest Spartan race ever in Wintergreen, VA. There I stood on the starting line with voices of confidence ringing through my head, filling my body and mind with every bit of physiological strength I needed to scoop up $15,000, call myself world champion and sit back and wait for the other athletes to make their way to the finish line.

Spartan Race to Add Drug Testing

Spartan Race just released it's rules for the World Championship event this Saturday (a little over two days before their event). Of note was this little tidbit: Eligibility & Restrictions: In order to be eligible for awards, all athletes competing must pay the applicable event entry fees, agree to the All Event Waivers and consent to WADA approved drug testing. Spartan Race has not previously mentioned drug testing in any of its communications. Whether or not they follow the lead of the OCR World Championships remains to be seen. The OCR World Championships announced its event would be subject to WADA approved drug testing back in February.

Is this the face of the next Spartan Race World Champion?

Photos + video: Reebok With Hobie Call choosing to bow out of this year's Spartan Race World Championship, can cocky, er, self assured, Hunter McIntyre...

Spartan Magazine – September 2014 (Free Download)

In this month's issue: Coaches Corner | running strong | recovery | Destination: Sacramento | Destination: Carolinas | destination: Dallas | Tyann clark | HH12HR | barefoot running | running cadence | recap: pac northwest | recap: virginia | spartan women | couch to runner | International: Hungary

Is the Vermont Beast as Scary as You think?

It’s no secret that the Vermont Beast is the hardest Spartan Race of the year, especially given it is the World Championship, last year there was $250,000 on the line, and it has the prestige of being held in the birthplace and inspiration of Spartan Race. With that being said, there is no question that almost anybody can be ready and able to cross that Vermont finish line with some minor tweaking to their mentality, focus, perception, and most importantly, their expectations.

“What’s Your Favorite Obstacle Race?”

A lot of my friends know that I enjoy racing. “What is your favorite obstacle race?” is a question I have been asked many times. I have competed in many types of races in the last few years. Can I pick one that is my favorite?

Spartan Magazine – August 2014 (Free Download)

In this month's issue: Coaches Corner | HiLo Training | 9 Ultra Tips | Recap: Pennsylvania | Destination: Killington | Top of the World| Competitor Breakdown | Athlete Profiles | Must-Have Gear | Racing Nutrition 101 | Mind RightSpartan Chicken | Inspirational Corner | 431 Project | Charity

Overcoming Obstacles

To those that know the Spartan Race series many mark down the Pennsylvania race as their staple Sprint for the year. For the past 3 years this race has been designed by Norm Koch. Norm is a long standing race director that has a reputation for designing the most difficult courses the series runs. After conquering this course in years past, I had a desire this year beyond what I could achieve as an individual. I wanted to help others complete this challenge and push their comfort zone beyond what they believed they could achieve.

The Mini Beast, Spartan Race Palmerton Sprint 2014

A Real Mini Beast – PA Sprint 2014 I often hear the term mini-beast get thrown around quite loosely as referring to a Spartan Sprint...

Video Recap: Spartan Race PA Sprint (first person GOPRO)

First person footage from the PA Sprint at Blue Mountain Ski Resort Saturday July 12, 2014

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