Is the Vermont Beast as Scary as You think?


The easy answer is, yes. It’s no secret that the Vermont Beast is the hardest Spartan Race of the year, especially given it is the World Championship, last year there was $250,000 on the line, and it has the prestige of being held in the birthplace and inspiration of Spartan Race. With that being said, there is no question that almost anybody can be ready and able to cross that Vermont finish line with some minor tweaking to their mentality, focus, perception, and most importantly, their expectations.

Last year, I had the incredible opportunity of driving Elaine LaLanne, wife of the Father of Fitness, the late Jack LaLanne, from Boston up to the Vermont Beast. For the trip, Elaine brought her personal assistant, Claire. Claire is a young, enthusiastic type who was very excited to see what this event, which she had only seen on Facebook, was really all about – Little did she know when she got off the plane, that she was about to get a much closer look than she bargained for.

Claire had recently lost twenty or so pounds, and was looking forward to the day she “would be in-shape enough” to finish a Spartan Race, an excuse I’ve heard countless times in my travels. Hearing this comment quickly shifted the primary objective of this four-hour ride from simply getting to Vermont, to getting to Vermont so Claire could run the Beast! I just hoped four hours would be enough time. read more



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