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2014 Summer Death Race (photo) recap

PITTSFIELD, VT – JULY 1, 2014 – There are millions of running races, thousands of marathons, hundreds of triathlons and even dozens of ultra-marathons … but there is only one Death Race. Held annually since 2005 in Pittsfield, VT, this year’s race began on Friday June 27th and finally ended 66 hours later in the early morning hours on Monday June 30. The annual ultra- endurance test began with over 300 registered entrants from all across the world and in the end, a record 64 racers finished including 9 women.

Inside the Spartan Death Race Challenge

With Pittsfield, Vermont gearing up for 2014 Summer Death Race we figured we'd take a look back at the enduring challenges Death Race athletes face in this video by the Canadian Global News.

Enduring Warrior vs. the Ultimate Endurance Race

This summer, Christopher Acord, age 39, will be joining thrill seekers and serious endurance athletes from across the country in Pittsfield, Vermont to attempt...

Mud and Adventure Athlete Matthew “IronBeast” Dolitsky to take on the...

The Death Race by Peak Races typically has three events per year held in Pittsfield, Vermont. The Summer, Team, and Winter Death Races. In 2014, they added the Traveling Death Race and held it in Mexico City. No two Death Races are alike other than the fact that they are equally challenging and it takes a special type of person to finish one. Finishers earn the much-coveted SKULL by going the distance. More importantly than a skull, racers learn lessons about themselves and come to realize they can push their mind and bodies beyond preconceived limits.

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