OCR’s Masked Man of Mud – Superhero Scramble’s Sean “Ace” O’Conner



Sean Ace O'ConnnorBeing a kid is all about wonderment; marveling at our heroes and filling our imaginations with their adventures. A big reason why most of us love obstacle course racing is its appeal to that kid still living inside of us. Rolling around in the mud and doing all of the things our parents told us not to do growing up (like jumping off of things that could hurt us) gets our motors going. For those that love the competitive aspect of racing, the clock suddenly becomes an arch enemy waiting to be vanquished! Others are simply motivated by the beer, bands and good times waiting for them at the finish line. Sean “Ace” O’Conner, founder and CEO of Superhero Scramble, has used his special powers to make all of this happen in one race.

“I really want people to have a good time,” says Sean. “We have a lot of people stay for the party aspect much longer than at other races and that is because we want to make the Click to read the rest of the story.


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