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Elite Racers on the R3 Ops finish Line
Elite Racers on the R3 Ops finish Line

The R3 Ops is a unique race that combines a timed elite 3 mile ‘Rogue’ obstacle run, an Extreme Obstacle Challenge (alla 5 “Ninja Warrior” style obstacles, untimed), and multiple untimed waves that run the 3 mile mud run as a challenge, taking on optional obstacles according to the runner’s comfort level and ability. Racers in the elite Rogue wave must complete the entire course, with no failed obstacles in under 1 hour to be eligible for the $1000 each Men’s and Women’s 1st place prizes (2nd places received $500 each). In the Extreme Obstacle Challenge area, “Roguers” get three chances at an obstacle before they get eliminated from competition.

Dirty Getty completed the entire course without failing any obstacles, then caught up with race director and founder of R3 Ops, Nicole Farber. The race had a humble turnout, but the unique format combining mud running, with short course obstacles requiring a lot of skill and strength, plus allowing participants options of how they completed the course, is sure to become a popular OCR format. Plus the race was part of a fundraiser for local charities and an Olympic Bid to send local challenged athlete Stephanie Jallen to the next winter Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014. The men’s winner Chris Hackett, a local triathlete, stormed the running course, survived the Extreme Obstacle Challenge, and in a heart warming gesture, gave the $1000 directly back to Stephanie’s Olympic fund! Local CrossFit athlete Bill Wolfe came in 2nd for the men, with Gretchen Krueger coming in 1st place for the women and local Amy Wolf grabbing 2nd for the women. See Full Race Results

Inside Obstacle News R3 Ops Broadcast

Interviews w/ winners, volunteers, and racers

R3 Ops Course Recap

I’m not an elite runner, but I decided to run the early heat to experience the timed “Rogue” version of the race and it didn’t disappoint.  As you’ll see from the video below, the first portion of this race was rugged trail running with a few hay bale jumps, gravel pile trudges, and stream crossings.  The flat course lacked any serious hill climbs or altitude, but made up for it in rugged terrain.  I paced myself because I knew I was taking on the Superhero Scramble that afternoon, and didn’t want to be wasted.  The obstacles on the run course were mostly on par with Warrior Dash style difficulty, but gave optional easier passage for later heats.  The harder obstacles were mostly toward the end, including well constructed wooden walls, a gravely mud pit low crawl (ropes, not barbed wire), up and down a steep bank using a rope, and a 1/4 mile log carry on gravel/pavement.   The winners finished the 3 mile timed portion in around 24 minutes so this was no walk-in-the-park 5k.  I managed to finish in just under 36 minutes, which wasn’t last place.  We were then sent directly to the “Extreme Obstacle Challenge” which was in my opinion, the best part (I’m not a great runner).  The obstacles here were fun, challenging, and gave many of the faster runners a tough time.  The overall winner was previously a triathlete and nearly lost $1000 on the “Tarzan Swing”, but managed to hang on during his third attempt.  All the other racers agreed the “Tarzan Swing” was the hardest obstacle in the entire race.  

R3 Ops Giant Boombox Truck
R3 Ops Giant Boombox Truck

Afterward, I had a chance to chat with the Race director, Nicole Farber, about what I did and didn’t like and she was very humble and listened intently.  There were about 600 participants, so it was a decent turnout for this 1st time race.  Overall, it was a great local race and I hope they grow.  I didn’t stick around for the afterparty, but they had this awesome giant boombox truck that kept the party rocking.  Every race should have a giant elevated boombox truck including  jumbo-tron!

Learn more about R3 Ops:  They are already taking early-bird registrations for 2014.

Learn more about Stephanie Jallen Olympic Hopeful

Photo of Christ Hackett by Laura Reese Slocum and Photo of Stephanie Jallen by Keith R. Stevenson Copyright R3 Ops, used by permission.

All other orginal video and photos including Inside Obstacle News Logo are Copyright 2013 Inside Obstacle News, a division of Cataclysm Sports LLC



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