Premium sportswear you can afford to get muddy


@knowjack running HellRunnerMud and adventure racing comes with certain risks to your sports kit: will it ever be clean again?

However, wearing budget kit comes with huge risks too: cotton clothing weighing you down, elastic gone in your shorts (you can kiss them goodbye in a water obstacle), nipples ripped to shreds… need I go on?

Racing in old kit – or rather that T-shirt you usually do DIY in – has become the norm for many mud and adventure races.

So what is it stopping you from wearing your best kit to your mud race? Cost. It’s that simple. Maybe you’ve paid $50+ on race entry and have another 10 races on your hit list for the year – you don’t want to be spending a fortune on your kit too.

That’s where Tribesports Performance range comes in. It’s a new breed of technical sportswear, one which doesn’t rely on pro-endorsement, physical stores or multi-million dollar ad campaigns in order to buy the kit. Instead, YOU are the pros, YOU share what you like and YOU won’t be footing the bill for physical stores as it’s all online.

Own Your Marks Set - Tribesports Kickstarter

The range retails at 40% cheaper than the same quality products from leading brands, this is premium sportswear you can afford to get muddy! Not only is it cheaper than the big brands, it’s also packed full of awesome features which will mean you can race at your best:

  1. Technical wicking fabrics – super-soft and quick to dry, the technical T-shirts will make you feel comfortable (even when the race creators are setting you the biggest obstacles ever)
  2. Performance fit – close-to-skin fit means you’ll be carrying less weight after the water obstacles (and the Performance Tights are perfect to avoid getting pantsed when wet!)
  3. Cutting edge construction techniques – from the flatlock seams to the Raglan sleeves, this is kit designed to protect you from ungodly chafing!

You can get hold of one-time only deals through the Tribesports Kickstarter campaign, helping fund the world’s first community-powered sportswear range and allowing you to race in your best kit.


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