Obstacle Racing Enters College at Texas A&M University


A group of students at Texas A&M University started an obstacle course racing club, and have seen it’s growth take off after just one semester.

You would think it would stop there, but truth be told, we’re just getting started. As I write this, we are currently two weeks into our second semester as an organization, yet I can proudly boast that just last night, we had a record attendance of over 65 people at one, single workout – nearly seventy college students, all gathered together under one unifying cause: pushing past one’s limits and to be the best them that they can be. While other kids our age are out partying or playing video games, college-aged men and women alike are coming together, united by the community created by OCR.

My point in all of this is that what we’ve created with TAMUOCR very nearly mimics the beauty of obstacle racing in general – a community of people, a family, that gets together to encourage and support one another. We’ve evolved beyond the “workout group” I originally thought Niermann was suggesting we create, and without meaning to, we have begun a family of people all centered around one common passion.

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Original AuthorDavid Tate
Original SourceMud Run Guide
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