Meet Elite Spartan Race Athlete Laura Messner


I was very EXCITED to interview Laura Messner. Not only is Laura killing the OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) competition, but she is, and I’m sure that if you know her, she is “hands down” a great MOTIVATOR. Her facebook posts are constant reminders that you can do all things, granted that you set goals and work really hard towards achieving them! I can see why this elite athlete has a huge loyal following! In the world of OCR, there is just not enough athletes who acknowledge that it’s not just about being the best, it’s also about helping people unlock their own true potential, and I would have to say that Laura has a gift for that.

So without further ado, let’s meet this AWESOME Spartan Chick!

Laura Messner


Arnel BanawaWhat is your Full Name? Do you have a nickname? 

Laura Messner: My full name is Laura Messner, but people just call me Laura or Messner.


Arnel Banawa: What do you do for a living when you are not eating barbwire for breakfast? =)

Laura Messner: When I am not getting muddy at an OCR event I always find many fun and exciting ways to make a living. Back in 2010, long before I discovered OCR, I had my own business doing freelance modeling all over the US. It was certainly a job that many would title, “living the dream”. I traveled and had a chance to hang out/ work with many talented models, photographers and artist, but as time went by I also wanted to be aware that I would not be able to do this for the rest of my life. So I am now on the path to a whole new career as a personal trainer. I am currently studying to become NASM certified strengthening my knowledge for sports and fitness.

Laura Messner


Arnel Banawa: How did you get involved with Obstacle Course Racing, and what was your first race?

Laura Messner: I became aware of Obstacle Course Racing when my bootcamp class in RI was talking about putting together a team for Read the rest of Arnel’s interview with Laura here


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