Green Beret Challenge Y.O. Ranch Headquarters Operator Course 2017


A review of the Green Beret Challenge event that took place at YO Ranch in Texas.

I’ve yet to hear anything truly negative about the event. Most are talking about how this surpassed Sprint and Super length courses. One racer saying “When you go from GBC to XYZ…. Well, I could feel the difference from the moment I stepped on the start line today!”. Followed by “I need more GBC in my life” and another comment about how the race kicked their @ss but they “promise to be back leaner, meaner and stronger.” This was a race I saw many doubting themselves just the week prior. Those that stepped up and toed the line grew from this race; even if they did not conquer every obstacle. Not many races truly accomplish that and the crew at the Green Beret Challenge should hold their heads high.

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