Gladiator Rock’N Run at Irvine, CA – Race Recap


Gladiator Rock’N Run at Irvine, CA


The Obstacle Course:

This obstacle race was definitely a challenge! Imagine a race where there is a WOD (Workout Of the Day) theme happening; great for those gym rat people who need to get out of the gym to outdoors! Our first timer mud run friend is a big time gym rat and this was the kind of race he loved! We’ll tell you why, this race has many exercises as the obstacles. To name a few exercise obstacles: holding a tire overhead while doing lunges around a circle; another is holding using a brick while doing burpees; and holding a bag of sand while doing a lap. These obstacles motivated our “gym rat” friend! If there was an obstacle you failed doing, you will need to make it up by doing 10 burpees, 20 sit-ups or whatever was required by the staff of Gladiator Rock’N Run. We liked the idea of doing something to “forgive” us for failing an obstacle!

The race at Irvine was fairly flat with no elevation and was easy to run through. There was one obstacle that Patrick was looking forward to, the ice pool. Well, this obstacle came to be a disappointment to him because by the time our team arrived, the ice was mostly melted, which means it didn’t feel very cold at all. Patrick went to the one at the Rose Bowl, the ice pool was FILLED with ice and you were forced to go under all the way. The World’s Biggest Mud Pit was at the near end of the race; the mud pit was definitely LONG, but we didn’t feel the pit was that long. Strange how that works when you are in the moment! Just don’t be disappointed when this feeling happens to you too!

After the race:

We got into the line to get ourselves cleaned up! Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap offered their organic soap to the racers and brought this huge shower thing where we all can get into. We got sprayed on with their soap then got hosed off with water from people above the booth! That part was definitely fun way to get all cleaned up!

There were also a lot of booths offering different products, informations, games to play , food to eat and many more. Even Quest bar were there offering their bars for free, definitely worth our time being there! Their bars are so delicious and the best part? They are HEALTHY!

The people we met:

We saw Dan “Nitro” Clark at the event; he was the former Gladiator on the television game show back in the day. As soon as we posted our pictures from that day on the Gladiator Rock’N Run page, Dan Clark contacted me asking for the pictures with our watermark on them. Hearing from Dan Clark and the fact that he was interested in our photos really inspire us to spread the word about what we are doing!

Not only Dan Clark, we also met Rodrigo Ortiz aka FUNning. Rodrigo is an inspiring Christian man who shares his adventures and the word of God through social media. Not only that, he also shares hardworking, motivating and inspiring pictures from all over the world. Always great to meet inspiring people at these OCR events!


The shirts were awesome! Normally, women would get the same shirts as the men do. Not very womanly to wear, which is a bummer most of the time! However, Gladiator Rock’N Run does have v-necked shirts made for the women!

Patrick has both medals from the Rose bowl and Irvine. Both medals are different; The Rose Bowl medal have the ROSE BOWL on the medal and the year while the Irvine medal doesn’t have the location, only the year. Either way, both medals look SWEET!

The Video:

Take a look!



Alexis Goldstein & Patrick Rubio


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