The Fitness Class You Must See to Believe: Goat Yoga


Goat Yoga is a real thing, with classes in both Arizona and Oregon having waiting lists over 1,000 people for the chance to try it out.

Goat Yoga was such a trip and I truly loved everything about this. Nope, the goats did not smell at all or nibble on our clothes. In fact, the sweet animals were more than just novelties or props—they were more like motivators helping class members tap into a new kind of Zen. During most yoga classes the goal is to completely tune out the outside world and relax, but during the Goat Yoga class, our instructor reminded us to just be prepared for some friendly goat interaction—at any time. At any given moment, perhaps in a plank, a miniature or baby goat just may want to hop up on your back for a little while. (They are trained to do this, it doesn’t hurt at all and they are super human-friendly!) Every time a goat wandered near me, I completely forgot about feeling self-conscious in the yoga pose or distracted by stress and worries. The calm and gentle goats really help you stay in the moment in the best kind of way, nudging you to stretch, smile and connect with nature

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