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Well over 100 hundred development hours and some hair graying went into creating our new event directory with your thoughts and suggestions in mind – always with the goal of continuing to provide you with the best place to find an obstacle race or challenge event.   While we know that not everyone thinks the same way and you can’t please everyone, we wanted to take the time to explain how it works.  

1. Use the filters at the top to set your search criteria
2. Click on “Click for Race list” on the side for your results
3. There is no #3 That’s it.


Mud and Adventure obstacle race event map

Mud and Adventure was the first to bring you an independent world wide obstacle race event directory.  The site has had a nice bit of success and use by the community. With that came a lot of suggestions on how to make the site even better, i.e. “love your site but really wish I could search for events in multiple states at a time.”

I am still learning the #2 rule in business – you can’t please everyone and you should definitely not try (#1: be passionate about what you are doing in the first place).  I got quotes from web developers, dumped money into a site redesign only to have the project burn to the ground  months into its development.  I am happy to say we’ve taken on a savvy tech partner who I can honestly say shares our passion for the sport.  With that partnership we are happy to introduce the first of many exciting advancements coming to our site: the most advanced OCR event map in the industry.

Of course as soon as we installed the new map and scrambled to rebuild the event database from scratch, I got an email that said “Your new event system sucks! I miss the old state lists.” I wanted to cry. Not really. But we did add new state lists back to the site for good measure (see our menu up top). There is also a calendar view option for those who prefer to see an event schedule that way. Please let us know what you think in the comments. We may cry so more or we may just work to incorporate some of your suggestions in future builds. 

If you’re a race director or an event organizer and want to add your event to our list, you can add your event using our event submission form:

You can also install an OCR event calendar on your own site!

Look for many more big things to come in 2014 (yeah we know everyone says that)!

Below are some more detailed tips to get the most out of using the map.  

The first time you access the directory, the map will take a few seconds to load the hundreds of upcoming events in our system. After that whenever you come back for a search the map will load even quicker (provided you haven’t cleared your browser’s cache since then). 

If you give the site permission to use your current location the map will automatically center around your general spot in the world. 

01-map-view-mud-and-adventure  02-map-view-mud-and-adventure








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