DIYS Episode 37 – Cassidy Watton – Broken Skull Challenge, Obstacle Racing, and Epic Hybrid Training | Dirt in Your Skirt™ – The Female Resource for Obstacle Course Racing, Mud Runs, and Endurance Endeavors


DIYS interviews Cassidy Watton, Spartan Pro athlete and Broken Skull Challenge Champion, to talk about her training and more.

Cassidy Watton is an obstacle racer and fitness professional out of NYC. She is on the Spartan Race Pro Team, is a head coach at Epic Hybrid Training and female champion of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.

Watton is a longtime obstacle racer, athlete, and coach. She has multiple wins under her belt over the years. Watton has often flown under the radar but is a force within the community. She joins the podcast this week to talk about her life, racing, and more.

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