“Down, Dirty, & Driven” – Official Documentary on Obstacle Racing


Obstacle Racing is a passion for many of us out there. The rapid growth seen from the inception of the sport in 2010 to now is incredible. It’s changed countless lives, breathed life into the athletic careers of those who thought themselves done with competition. Infused those who never imagined themselves pushing past their limits with a fire that drives them to events both in and out of state. Many call us insane. They watch videos, see the pictures, bruises, scars, and maniac grins on our faces when we are talking about always asking the same question, why? What is it about OCRs that drive us to crawl through mud under barbwire, jump over fire, go past the point of exhaustion all to grab a medal and say “yeah I did that”?

tough-mudder-az-2012-sun-gudkov2470For all that passion and fire we as the racer carry with us this is a sport. It has a unique community of athletes from all different walks of life. There are those who show up to earn a spot as an “elite” every weekend. Others come to combat their inner demons week in and week out. They celebrate with one another the accomplishment of crossing the finish line. Some fight themselves, some fight physical illness that would attempt to keep them down and out. Their exists within all of us a sense of camaraderie that stems from reaching the finish line.

Yet this is not all of OCR. This has become a business. Lines are being drawn, organizations attempt to guide and shape the world of OCR in the image they choose/ So which one is right? Where are they trying to take our beloved sport and why? The corporate partnerships are received with mixed reviews. The push to become a legitimized sport has created an almost Civil War style mentality among those within the sport, dividing sides and pitting once tight partners against one another, while forming yet even more alliances out of those ashes. 

“Down, Dirty, and Driven” will bring all of this to the big screen. Our tireless efforts to get to events, speak to race directors, and spend time in the mud with the racers themselves will create a true labor of love. This project depends highly though on the amazing community of individuals within OCR. The teams, the elites, the fans, the organizations. The more support means the more time we are able to spend on the road reaching each and every corner of the US and even beyond to bring this film to life. Check out what we have done so far by going to Filmbreak.com and looking up “Down, Dirty, and Driven”. Hype up the film to it gets noticed (just click the little “Hype” button). Go to Kickstarter.com and find us there. Tell everyone and if you want to find a way to be part of the film email us at [email protected]

Your passion is our passion. This film is because like you we love this sport and want to see it grow and stick around for a very long time. 


John Ziegler

“Down, Dirty, and Driven” – Official Documentary on Obstacle Racing


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