Spartan Racers Stop the World for Google and It Is All Captured on Video


Burpee felt around the world
Boston, April 1
– From NY to LA and Dubai to Singapore — across the globe –millions of super-fit Spartan Racers joined together, at the request of founder, Joe De Sena, to simultaneously perform their signature exercise, the Burpee (a military-style push up and signature feature of Spartan Race), all in an effort to help Google extend internet connectivity to every corner of the world.

The technology giant called upon De Sena and his global army of Spartan Race participants to ensure the success of Google’s Project Loon: The burpee-driven aftershocks allowed the Spartans to bring the world to a complete standstill for a fraction of a second to enable Google to execute the successful, simultaneous launch of thousands of Google balloons.
Driven by their credo of never backing down from a challenge and overcoming all obstacles, millions of Spartans brought the Earth to a halt, thus allowing the Google balloons to rise and insuring global internet connectedly.
Commented Spartan Founder De Sena: “We could have stopped the world a little longer if Google needed it, but they only asked for a fraction of a second. We’re glad we could help.”
We invite you to view the attached Project Loon video that fully documents the result of this amazing marriage of fitness and technology.


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