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Growing up, I spent the majority of my time outdoors in the wilderness of Maine. All of the activities I was involved with were inherently physical; from hiking through knee deep snow during hunting season, jumping from rock to rock fly fishing up and down the streams, or attending hikes and other programs with the Boy Scout troop. I found Obstacle Course Racing in Amesbury, MA during the 2011 Warrior Dash. The obstacles I encountered broke the monotony I had fallen into with road running. But it wasn’t until my first Spartan Race in Pennsylvania that it all sunk in – there was more to it than just racing. There was more to racing than just running. There was more to running than just training. Through OCR’s, I started to meet people and become part of a community of like-minded individuals that were interested in training, health, and having fun. One of my favorite aspects of running the Spartan Races during the 2012 season was helping others on the course. During the PA and MA Spartan Races, I found it most rewarding to support/motivate some friends and fellow runners that weren’t sure that they could reach the finish line. Fenway was the first time I had set out to run the Spartan Race for a PR time after having raced it twice for fun with friends, as I had done at PA and MA. I finished off my 2012 racing year by signing up for the Texas Beast in December. This time I signed up for my first ever Spartan elite heat. Here, I found myself running with a friend, this time motivating her to reach her goal of a podium finish. She completed the race – finishing in third place. Once again I ran a race where I didn’t necessarily push my physical limits, but rather the others around me. In 2013, I pushed past my own goals as an athlete, as a trainer, and as a friend. In the spring I reflected on my past and began to formulate goals for the future. I knew that I felt my best when I could push my hardest and perform at my limits and strive for success. Then without skipping a beat turn around and be the most helpful person on the course. I’m an endurance athlete, rock climber and fitness enthusiast. I have now run 12 obstacle course races, 1 marathon and several half marathons. I am currently one of the top 50 (pending) male races in the country. In 2013, I became LegendBorne OCRs have formed the foundation for many peoples adventure into becoming fit. They offer everyone the same opportunity for challenge and certainly motivate people to begin to train because they have found an event that they love to do. Through OCR’s it has become acceptable for adults to play in the mud again and challenge their friends to a foot race. My motivation comes from my friends and family and the desire to to help cultivate the community that has developed by encouraging everyone to try one and then see the rewarding smile on their face and hear the epic stories they tell of the adventure that they were on. The learned some over their strengths and weaknesses and that they want to improve. . I am Ryan M Trott and I am LegendBorne.

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