The Fire Inside – Interview with Spartan Pro Team Athlete April Luu


Athletes are known for their intensity, fire, and  focus. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is an example of this. Last season with his wide receivers dropping easy passes time and again he could be seen having some rather intense conversations with his teammates on the sideline. Yet despite those conversations Tom never blamed them, as a true leader he shouldered the blame for the times his team underperformed. You gotta respect that in a guy. That strength of character to fight no matter what and accept the responsibility of the fate of his teams success.

Obstacle racing hasn’t seen the growth of team events (yet) but we have seen that same intensity and fire in its competitors. Maybe none more so than Spartan Pro Team athlete April Luu from Peyton, Colorado. A mother of two and personal trainer when she isn’t racing April is most easily recognized at the start of  a race in almost any picture. Her signature stare, lack of smile, and razor like focus shows the face of a determined competitor, someone whose sole aim is to win.

Growing up in Illinois April ran track and cross-country in high school, as well as playing a little soccer. After high school April ran for a bit in college before finding her way into the military. While in the military April continued to stay fit and found herself in a career dealing with mostly Special Forces units. One of the only women to do so she proved she could hang with the boys and that she was tough as nails.



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