Altra Superior 2.0 Review


The Altra Superior 2.0 shoes are reviewed during the Spartan Race Tri-State Super. OCR Addict gives them a good score all around – but won’t recommend them as a one-shoe-for-every-scenario.

As for the mud and muck, they were good. They weren’t exceptional… exceptional being better than my X-Talon 200s, but I wouldn’t say they were any worse either. The canted lugs did a fine job of releasing the thick stuff making continual traction possible. If the lugs had just a bit more depth, they might be better than anything I have worn, but there is a double edge on this sword, the smaller lugs were far more comfortable to run with on sturdy, more regular terrain.

Bottom line, I loved them. Are they good enough to take the number one spot in my catalog of shoes for my next race? Yes and no. I have different shoes for different races, as should you.

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